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Volunteer with FAFV

As a small and young agency, volunteers are part of the lifeblood of our organization. We cannot complete some of our larger projects without the use of volunteers. Please be patient with us, as managing volunteers is difficult with such a small staff. We do our best to connect interested volunteers to opportunities. If interested in volunteering, click the below link and fill out our interest form.

Volunteer Group.jpg

To work with clients, volunteers must submit a voluntary criminal background check, be 18 years old, and complete our 40-hour training. Trainings are scheduled depending on the amount of interested volunteers and new staff that we onboard.

Outside of working with clients there are many other service opportunities and needs. Please contact FAFV's business at (435) 781-0613 for more information. We hope to hire a volunteer coordinator in the future to streamline our process.

Opportunity Types

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