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Friends Against Family Violence’s mission is to provide services to those impacted by family and sexual violence, increase offender accountability, and raise awareness of the impact of interpersonal violence on our families and community.


Friends Against Family Violence is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

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At FAFV we see a future where every household has the tools and resources to live without violence. We work every day to build a community free of interpersonal family violence.


The clients, staff, and community that we work with will always be treated with respect. Every interaction with FAFV will foster a sense of dignity and self-worth. We will be open-minded to other ideas and perspectives. FAFV recognizes that each person’s unique experience is valid.

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FAFV cannot maintain clients’ confidentiality and trust without integrity. We will never knowingly put a client, staff member, or volunteer at risk. We will maintain honesty and transparency in all business interactions.

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We will use our expertise and place in the community to recognize injustice and use our power to create positive social change. We will work within our community to affect change through education and prevention.

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We encourage clients to make decisions and perform tasks on their own. We empower our clients to gain their independence through learning necessary life skills. FAFV empowers its staff to gain competence through education and training.


At FAFV we strive to keep our core values at the heart of every decision we make. When faced with difficult choices, we know that our staff and volunteers will RISE to the challenge.

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