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Workshops to help us all find and hold onto
better relationships, better boundaries, and a better you.



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Mom and a Child

When people come to our domestic violence shelter, we often find that individuals have experienced a lifetime of unhealthy relationships.


The cycle starts from childhood, and it continues over and over. And we keep asking…

What if...

We all had the tools to hold full, positive relationships?


We could reduce the stress we experience with others?


We could provide our children emotional stability?


We could express ourselves instead of defending ourselves?


What if it was all within your reach?

Class List
Full course
12-Week Workshops

This 12-week program takes a deep dive into all

of the topics of Within My Reach. View full curriculum


To Be Determined

USU Extension Community Room

57 N 100 E

Roosevelt, UT 84066


 Mondays--July 10-September 25 @ 6-7:30 p.m.

Uintah County Library

204 E 100 N

Vernal, UT 84078


Thursdays-- July 6-Sept 21 @ 6-7:30 p.m.

Black Sheep Coffee

95 E Main Street

Duchesne, UT 84021


To Be Determined

Fort Duchesne Community Building

7600 Small Loop Road

Fort Duchesne, UT 84026 (Approximately) 

Two-Part Workshop

 This workshop is split into two weeks with a two-part "teaser"

for the Within My Reach's 12-week course.

Part 1: Elements of Healthy Relationships

Part 2: Communication & Conflict Resolution

* It is strongly encouraged, but not required, for individuals to attend Part 1 before they attend Part 2


Location and Dates TBD


Location and Dates TBD

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At the Festival

12-week Workshops 

Within My Reach is an evidence-based curriculum teaching participants skills that will increase their odds of success in life. The lessons taught will help them reach their goals, by developing Healthy Relationships and applying Conflict Resolution tools. When what they consider to be their most important relationships, especially romantic relationships, tend to be troubled the possibility of success in every other aspect of life can be derailed... their goals, school, job, finances, friendships, and especially if they are a parent or have a parent in a troubled relationship, then raising children and parenting are deeply affected. 


Within My Reach units will cover: • Identifying factors of Healthy Relationships • Recognizing the different types of Safety’s in relationships • Making wise clear choices when it matters the most • Learning tips and what questions to ask when we are considering our most important relationships • Discovering their strengths and weakness, in order to know what to build on and what areas need improvement • Identifying and recognizing dangerous communication patterns • Where conflict begins and how to stop, reduce, and exit dangerous communication patterns • Learning Speaker Listener Technique and applying it • Understanding distrust and knowing the traits that help make forgiveness concrete. Also recognizing that forgiveness is not always possible or healthy • Looking at the dynamics of fatherhood, stepfamilies, and co-parenting, and how the effect they can have on relationships • Discovering that making tough decisions is possible and can be done when you have the right tools and skills


Virtually all people have aspirations for happy, healthy, and stable relationships. Within My Reach teaches skills that are applicable and can be implemented in every relationship dynamic. They are a must for any Healthy Relationship (friends, neighbors, co-workers, children, and partners).

**Certificates of Completion will be given to those who attend 9 of the 12 workshops.

**You can make up weeks that are missed by talking to the instructor or you can search for the specific week on the calendar to find the date and location of the week needed.  

Two Part Workshop~

Part 1: Elements of Healthy Relationships & Part 2: Communication and Conflict Resolutions

This workshop is split into two weeks: It is a two-part "teaser" for the Within My Reach's 12-week course. The Within My Reach workshops can be summed up very simply as... You know all of the information you wished you would have had, during your high school or dating years, when you were expected to start acting and making decisions like an "adult"? Within My Reach will give you just that information! During this 2-part series, we will briefly discuss the skills that the full 12- week Within My Reach course will cover. Those skills will increase your odds of success in life, and help you reach your goals with Healthy Relationships and Conflict Resolution tools. Do not hesitate to bring along a spouse, friend, coworker, sibling, or anyone seeking to make improvements in their relationships.


**Although attending both parts is not required, it is strongly recommended. 

Part 1: Elements of Healthy Relationships 

Part 2: Communication & Conflict Resolution

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