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Free healing art workshops for those impacted by violence or trauma.

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A Window Between Worlds (AWBW) are art workshops that allow each person to deal with Trauma through "A Window Of Time", a time set aside for every person to deal with traumatic events in their Lives.


AWBW uses a trauma-informed approach to help others process their negative experiences. Workshops are free and can be gauged for certain ages or for dealing with certain difficulties. Participants are not required to have previous art experience and participation is optional. AWBW offers a safe, non-judgmental time and space where participants can take a breath from everyday life. 



Use the search button on the calendar to search for a specific workshop or location. No signup is required for any of our workshops. Come as you are!

Requesting a Workshop

While we plan to offer workshops throughout the community, if you are interested in having a workshop with your organization, clients, or family we welcome creating customized workshops to meet the needs of your group or clients.

Please note, these workshops are to be used to help work through and heal from trauma. While they can be fun, they are not social events, wine and art nights, or to be used as a night out with your friends. Thank you for understanding and respecting that.

Focus of Workshop (if requested)

  • Inner Work (i.e. self-worth, self-love, affirmations, identifying strengths) 

  • Coping with traumatic past experiences 

  • Family

  • Future focus

  • Gratitude 

  • Community 

  • Bias 

Art Mediums Offered:

  • Watercolor

  • Acrylic Paint

  • Oil Pastels

  • Chalk

  • Colored Pencil

  • Collage

  • Crayons

  •  Markers

  • Coloring

  • Canvas

  • 3D projects

  • Shrinky Dinks

  • Beading 


More Information from AWBW


To empower individuals and communities impacted by violence and trauma through a transformative healing arts program.

A Window Between Worlds views art as a catalyst to release trauma, build resilience, and ignite social change.  When individuals create art in a safe community they can be heard and respected — replacing violence and shame with safety and hope.


We intentionally create a respectful space free from judgment and harm.

We believe in the right to artistic expression and the freedom to innovate.

We honor the diversity and complexity of identities, perspectives, circumstances, and experiences.

We recognize that working collectively deepens our knowledge and fosters community change.

We build a framework supportive of claiming voice, strength, and resiliency.

AWBW's Philosophy

Creating art is a human right. Art honors and reflects multiple aspects of a person’s identity and personal experiences. No matter what our background, we all have the power to create —we just need to be offered the opportunity. The Windows Program provides this opportunity in a safe atmosphere to those impacted by violence and trauma.

The AWBW philosophy is grounded in the idea that the art workshops are a “Window of Time” — a safe, non-judgmental space where participants can authentically express their identity, hopes, dreams, experiences, and truths. In this environment, participants can fully benefit from the process of creating art.

During a Windows workshop, there is no right or wrong way. Whatever supports participants in expressing, connecting, and attending to their needs and feelings is the number one priority. The Windows workshops are an opportunity for participants to practice how they want to live in the world. This includes asking for what they need and choosing to share as much or as little as they want.

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