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Denim Day

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and at FAFV we recognize the prominent cross-section of individuals who are survivors of both Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Denim Day takes place on the last Wednesday of April. This day of action and awareness is an event in which people are encouraged to wear denim to combat victim blaming and educate others about sexual violence.


The day comes following a high profile Italian rape trial where the survivor was blamed for her rape because of the type of jeans she was wearing.


In protest and solidarity, individuals are encouraged to wear denim to combat the idea that rape and sexual violence are the fault or responsibility of survivors.

We encourage individuals to draw and write empowering messages on pairs of jeans to hang them up on public displays in our community. We will gather on Denim Day to raise awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault in our community.


Check back closer to the Spring for full event details. 

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